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When it comes to sales and use taxes, businesses are faced with a number of significant challenges:

  • Keeping track of thousands of ever-changing tax rates;
  • Calculating sales and use taxes correctly based on product categories and where products are being bought and sold;
  • Completing tax forms; and paying taxes on time.

Now there’s a better way.

We at Accounting & Tax Solutions take care of the entire sales tax function of your business – from calculation of sales & use taxes, forms completion to the actual transfer of funds to various state and local revenue departments. We give you the opportunity to outsource another business process, freeing your time to focus on higher level functions and make more concrete contributions that will aid your company’s growth and success.

Accounting & Tax Solutions takes the tedious and time-consuming process of sales tax compliance off your hands; rest assured we have the SOLUTION to all of your Accounting & Tax needs. Contact Us to discuss your business' sales & use tax matters.

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